This bundle of creative art lessons is broken down into 35 "days"…each with a fun, kid-centered theme. 

Each day includes an art lesson video, printable crafts and activities that were created specifically to spark the imagination and hours of creative play! 

Each art lesson video is 10-20 min long and is taught in a way that is adaptive to various skill levels. 

Printable activities include 3D crafts, coloring pages, and more! 

Supplies you'll need: 





Crayons/colored pencils 

Brads (optional)

These activities are ideal for ages 3-11 and can be done in groups, or one on one! 

Each "day" has a theme that will allow for hours of creative play! 


*During the early days of the pandemic, this was called "Daily Printables" and was offered as a homeschool option for thousands of families during the first 5 weeks of the pandemic. This is the same product that was offered then. Enjoy! 


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