Let's Draw! 

These 77 video art lessons come from 3 courses taught by illustrator Sarah Jane Wright: Creative Core, Creative Art Camp and Nature Camp. 

If you would rather not have all the printables and crafts and lessons that go with those courses, and just have ALL the art lessons, this if for you! 

  • Creative Core lessons focus on a themed topic and explore creative imagination. 

  • Nature Camp lessons are nature based and encourage observation of an object, animal or plant (provided) and focus on outdoor wonders. 

  • Creative Art Camp lessons encourage creative thinking as well as teaching some basic skills that are helpful for young artists. 

You can take the lessons in any order you'd like, and can go at your own pace. 

Intended for ages 3-11, but we've heard grown ups love them too:) 

Sarah Jane is an experience teacher, mother of 4, and artist. She teaches in a way that encourages children to observe and think for themselves, so these are not "do as I do" lessons. While Sarah will draw and create and you will go from start to finish and copying is part of learning, she encourages you to observe, think creatively, and learn for yourself the skill or lesson being taught. This way of teaching makes these lessons easy to take over and over! 

Each lesson ranges from 10-20 minutes and are easy to level up or down. Some lessons have leveling up or down suggestions, while others are marked as level 1 or level 2. 

We hope you enjoy having all these lessons in one place! 

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