Custom Family Tree Wallpaper


Here is a unique and gorgeous way to display your family names. You can enjoy the large illustrated tree with the children without the names, or you can add family names into the tree and make it a true Family Tree. 

Available in 2 Ready to Ship Sizes:
Medium Option - $127
Large Option - $287

Please note, the LARGE OPTION is featured in all photographs.

6 Chic Fabric Stickers include:
1 x Family Tree. (One rectangular decal includes tree, branches, leaves and playing children).
6 x CUSTOM Name Frames. Currently only available in the font design as shown in images.


Please write the six names you would like printed in the notes section at checkout. If less than six names are needed, then only include the names you would like printed. We will not be held liable for any spelling mistakes made on your behalf. Additional CUSTOM Name Frames can be purchased here.

Character Height:

Medium Option: Family Tree isapproximately 29” wide x 39” tall. Name Frame is approximately 5” wide x 2” high.
Large Option: Family Tree is approximately 52” wide x 87” tall. Name Frame is approximately 10” wide x 4” high.

NO RETURNS accepted on Wallpaper

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