The theme for this unit is: GRIT & PERSEVERANCE. Grit and Perseverance ... what is it? It's the determination to keep going even when it's hard! But don't worry! These activities are FUN and meant to inspire us all to be a little more determined. We're diving into an ancient story in medieval folklore called St. George and the Dragon! Do you know it? This retelling is adventurous and includes a princess and knight who show incredible persistence in defeating the dragon! For our art lessons, we're learning how to draw a dragon many different ways! Learning how to do something differently is a great way to keep going when you hit obstacles. All of our prompts, lessons and activities encourage a bit of grit, and we hope you enjoy these playful exercises! Have fun! 

Each unit includes activities to prompt creativity and curiosity for hours of screen-free fun!

  • Audio Storytime
  • Movement Prompts and Playlist
  • S.T.E.M. Activities
  • Creative Writing Guides
  • Art Lesson
  • Printable Crafts
  • Food

And more!

To make your part easy, we also include an overview, supply list (household items), and a booklist in case your learners want to dive deeper into the unit topic.The Creative Core curriculum is geared towards kids ages 3-10 but each unit includes tips to level activities up or down so this can be a resource for the whole family!

With increased screen time, and social distancing to prevent hands-on-creative learning in schools, our kids need creative learning more than ever. The Creative Core fills this gap as a supplement to kids in school or as part of their at-home-learning. In every unit you will find Simple, guided, ready-to-go creative projects & exercises your kids will love, and that you can count on.

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