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Hello!  I'm Sarah Jane, but you can call me Sarah.  Sarah Jane is the name I went by to sweet aunties and uncles who would kiss my cheeks and toss my curls around as a child. But in a lot of ways, I don't feel much different now than I did then. Most of my childhood memories are remembered through the filter of my daydreams, whimsies, and visual perceptions of the world. 


Those perceptions haven't changed much...

I believe in children. I believe in whimsy. I believe in dreams. I believe in the deep down good in people. I believe in foreign travel--by boat or by imagination.  I believe in childhood innocence. I believe in bedtime stories. I believe in God. I believe tickles can solve problems. I believe in tasting food you don't know you like yet. I believe there are magical connections between people. I believe in wandering.  I believe that animals can talk. I believe color can make you happy.  I believe in a beautiful world. And, I believe that like Harold and the Purple Crayon, you can design your life. 


I also believe that pictures, stories, design and color shape the way a child perceives the world they live in.  I'm driven to fill spaces with illustration and design that reflects just that. I guess you could say I have a passion for illustrating childhood.  

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I also have a passion for my darling 4 children, my renaissance-man husband and our little fixer-upper in the mountains.  Balancing my life work of illustration and motherhood has been my life's lesson, and while it's far from perfect...I love, love, love that I get to fill my life with children and art every single day. 

Sarah Jane Studios was born October of 2007 with the intention of getting my husband through graduate school rather than getting a job behind a cash register. What started out as a hopeful side job has turned into a wonderful lifestyle brand that has produced art prints, paper goods, fabric, craft and hobby products and books for children. 

 We started out in our tiny apartment and have since grown, step by step, to build a company that inspires simple childhood and creativity. Art prints and stationery items have since expanded into fabric, embroidery patterns, paper dolls, puppet theater kits and other products all with the intention of inspiring simple, creative play. 


Sarah Jane Studios is my place to create, but I'm driven to inspire others to create. Whether it's by designing your child's room with images that open his imagination, reading a book, sewing play clothes, writing a letter, playing with paper puppets, it's my wish that childhood stays around a little longer. But I also hope that the products I create enhance the parents experience of childhood too. I believe childhood is a magical time...whimsical, fresh, and deeply impressionable. Playing, dreaming and designing with your child is a wonderful experience. It's been an amazing journey to bring my illustrations to children around the world!  


Sarah has illustrated books for parents and children, including: 


A Christmas Goodnight  By Nola Buck, published with Katherine Tegan Books/imprint of Harper Collins Children's Books 

Released Oct 2011

For more info visit here.


French Kids Eat Everything  written by Karen Le Billon published by Harper Collins

Released April 2012

For more info visit here. 


Full of Life  written by Nancy O'Dell, published with Simon Schuster 

Released February 2009 

For more info visit here.




Over the years, I've had various levels of help...starting with my husband wrapping packages at 2 am during our first Christmas rush! I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for all the help all along the way! Currently, I work very closely with Ann, our Studio Manager who keeps all the balls in the air while I am busy creating!


Ann has run both non-profit and for-profit businesses for 18 years, always finding herself drawn to the arts. To run Sarah Jane Studios you have to be one part captain and one part creative!  When she is not managing the studio, she's writing, sewing, or dancing. She lives in California with her husband, two teenagers, and their cat, Sonia. 


Ann is the woman behind the scenes making everything tick here in the studio. If you have any questions or concerns, you will most likely hear from Ann!




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